One of the main characteristics of any product is its Design. With it, companies seek an incomparable hallmark that identifies them and distinguishes them from the rest, in order to position themselves favourably within their market.

Our design department will guide you and create a unique hallmark to provide your racquets with a completely personalised image.

The serigraphy in our prints will make your designs stand out from the rest with bright and elegant colours.


You can choose different types of complete or partial protectors, decals, colours that best suit your wishes, including fluorescent colours to give your racquets a touch of allure and distinction. You can customise your grip as well as the adhesive that holds them, and the rope, in addition to all the other materials that make up a racquet with different colours and materials.

Any part of our racquets is designed for perfect balance, achieved by adjusting weights and materials of each model in order to get a 100% customised product.

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