Originally arising from a small project, it is with enthusiasm, loving care and effort that we strive to position us in a highly competitive market.

We are aware of padel having become an “in” sport in our country, being the second most played sport, which has enabled us to increase our production year after year, and to have the privilege of working for the most prestigious brands in the world of padel. At the same time we have employed research and caftmanship in order to provide WPT players with made-to-measure racquets.

We are currently an expanding company with a great future forecast in this sector, due to our new facilities, ready to manufacture large quantities.


As manufacturers, we can assure that the production process is a really complex one. We only use high quality materials and the manufacturing process is completely manual. It might seem an easy task, but it is in fact a most arduous work, with almost all production steps handmade, making it almost handicraft.

In our R+D department we design and customise the whole manufacturing process of the racquets.

We like to think that this way of working makes the difference between one racquet and another.


Distinguishing ourselves from others is our priority, and therefore we take great care in obtaining an excellent product. We are also distinguished by the direct contact, easy comprehension and adapting to the client’s wishes, those of the market or the player. We believe that our work, our competence, our efforts and dedication have given excellent results.

And we continue to bank on innovation, professionalism, market research, improvement of manufacturing techniques and keeping up to date with the latest developments.


Our aim is to offer high quality racquets without sacrificing a reasonable price, and that these racquets suit all kinds of players.

Client satisfaction is of supreme importance, therefore our continuous endeavour is to obtain the best product.

All that gives us great satisfaction and the strength to continue believing in our project.

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