The most important things for us are our clients and the environment. And our distinctive trait is a perfect result. Therefore we only use first quality materials. All the products we use are made in Europe, thus being homologated and certified, as well as periodically checked by our technical team and the R+D department.

Diseña tu pala de pádel con materiales personalizados


We use Hexcel® carbon fibre, the leader of carbon fibre manufacturing with more than 45 years of experience in this field. We have a great variety of high-performance carbon fibres, as well as of carbon fibres with different fabric patterns.


Materiales para la fabricación de palas de pádel


Our glass fibre materials are highly resistant while still relatively light-weight. We have different formulas and burns.


foaming these materials with a gas that is injected under pressure during the manufacturing process. This is a light material and it can be applied in different densities and calibres. We have more than 20 types for a multitude of applications.

Materiales de alta calidad para el diseño de palas de pádel


EVA foam is characterised by good flexibility and high rubbery elasticity, to give the racquets a tougher touch. It is a light material and we can apply it in different densities and calibres.


We use different tubulars with the latest market products: Aramida, Carbon, mixed Carbon, Fibre, etc.


We use high quality German EPOXI resins in order to obtain a perfect and enduring glue for our manual lamination. It is a resin complying with all current homologations and certifications.

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